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Does estrogen vaginal cream have less side effects than estrogen pills?

My doctor prescribed Premarin vaginal cream to treat my vaginal dryness after menopause. She told me it doesn't have the side effects that you see in estrogen pills. However, all I have read online so far indicates that vaginal cream has the exact same side effects as estrogen pills. I have taken estrogen pills before and suffered severe migraines, so I am worried about testing the vaginal cream. Any experiences you can share?

It has fewer side effects than oestrogen tablets because it only has a local effect - it doesn't get into the blood stream in anything near the concentration which you would have if you took the tablets. Oestrogen tablets work by getting into the blood stream - they have a systemic effect and therefore systemic side effects, whereas the cream will only have a local effect on the vagina. So it shouldn't cause migraines. Your doctor knows what she's talking about! Source(s): I'm a doctor too
ask your doctor about vagifem. it works very good without side effects. it keeps you real moist and natural. anykind of estrogen medicine i do not like because they all have bad side effects. the hormones can and do cause breast cancer. why doctors prescribe this stuf i do not know.
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