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Natural ways to reduce estrogen levels?

Has anyone ever used natural methods, ie. vitamins, diet, etc. to reduce estrogen levels? Did it work for you and were you tested by a "professional?"

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    Estrogen coversion? Is estrogen sneaking into your body? Estrogen conversion? Estrogen is converted to other forms as needed in your body and unless there is a good reason for it not to b...
  • Where can i buy estrogen cream?
    no where without a prescription...
  • Where can i find estrogen cream?
    Generally prescription-only. It's dangerous stuff. Usual topical use is to stop the labia from fusing together or otherwise to maintain a generally-female configuration of that area fo...
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    Symptoms typical of excess estrogen and progesterone depletion: Acceleration of the aging process Allergy symptoms, including asthma, hives, rashes, sinus Congestion Bloating Brea...
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    Basically it depends on your current oestrogen levels. If you have too much oestrogen, it will lower it to a more healthy level and if you have too little oestrogen it will raise it to a hig...
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    SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF ESTROGEN DEFICIENCY Early signs and symptoms of decreased estrogen Hot flashes Insomnia Decreased libido ...

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