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Estrogens 4 a male looking to feminize..Can you advise?

For the past 5 years I've been experimenting with ways to feminize my body using phyto-estrogens with minimal results..I dont wish to see a doctor because Im not looking to seriously become a woman..Im afraid to get the real estrogens without seeing a doctor in case I jeopardise my health..Would just prefer to find something effective that is'nt risky & that I can monitor the amount of feminization knowing Im not hurting myself in anyway..Hope I dont sound crazy but I know Im not going to stop trying ways to get what Im looking for..too embarassed to talk to someone 1 to 1.. Im 39 years old & will consider female estrogen pills etc though as I say, Im looking for mild though effective results..& phto-estrogens sound the best way..Thanks.

Dude, let me tell you straight here. If you want to be a female, do the sex change operation and completely transform yourself into a female. Don't play with the hormone pills. They are dangerous and can even cause cancer.
as you already found out. phyto's don't work (cause you're not a plant).

you HAVE to go to the doc to get the steroids you need.

good luck!!!

I think you never find what you are looking for. Unluckily only hormones (and relative medicinals) can help you and with or without doctor you've to use them for achieving your aim.
You can't drive or monitor the results because they only come when the (right) level of hormones are satisfied. Then the result began to appear slowly in the time.
Lastly let me a consideration. In my opinion the half thing or compromises get no meaning in this case. You either feminize completely or remain a simple (effeminate) gay!
You either get a decisive change or are satisfied as you're now.
Other ways get no sense or utility! Eh?
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