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How do I get read of fibroids without going thru operation?

I developed fibroids some three years back and am advised to go for operation. But due to some velicose veins which I have I fear. And most of the time am anaemic. Pliz do advise. Thank you.

Hope this helps. Fibroids are not generally life threatening. Most women that have fibroids suffer heavy menstruation and that tends to make you anemic. There are alternatives to surgery and they include use of a catheter to cut off the blood supply to the fibroid and it eventually sloughs off the uterine wall and you will pass out the pieces (falls out in chunks). A small tube is inserted in the main blood vessels that supply the fibroid and blocks the blood from reaching the fibroid. Generally takes a few months and is painless and no surgery or hysterectomy. Also, if they are not very large a D&C (Dilation & Cutterage) may be performed. Basically, they give you a general anasthetic, dilate your cervix and scrape the fibroids off your uterus. If you have not had a child, some doctors may recommend pregnancy depending on the size or location of the fibroids but you will have to monitor your pregnancy closely as fibroids my grow during pregnancy. Other doctors recommend partial or radical (total) hysterectomy; I disagree with that option unless your bloodloss is so great that your life is in danger or the fibroid is so big that it's putting you in danger. Finally, if you are not comfortable with your doctor's option of surgery, get a second & third opinion. Research treatment options and discuss them with your doctor(s).
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