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What is the best way to get rid of a fibroid tumor??

I was diagnosed with a fibroid tumor over two years ago. The thing has gotten bigger over time and is now starting to look like the early stages of a pregnancy,. I cannot wear any of my cute little dresses anymore because the stomach bulge from the tumor is embarassing.
I haven't been to the obgyn in two years because I do not have very good health insurance and it is very expensive. The last time I did go she just told me that as long as I am not having any complications from it, than there is nothing I should do about it. I am starting to become embarassed with the way that I look and I want to get rid of it. I have done some online research about it but it talks about having surgery or getting pills to shrink it. Surgery is too expensive and I can't afford it and the pills seem like a gimmick.
Is there anything that I can do to rid mysel of this ugly tumor?? Help
I am only 30 and I do not want to have to dress like an old lady.

Que paso Stacy,

Im drorganico, natural health practitioner for 12 years and have dealt with several dozens cases like yours and every single one of them, when they client followed every step of the protocol that is, has been cleared up with 6 to 8 weeks of detoxing and making the right adjustments in their lifestyles.

As you said, your 30 and lots of carefree living in front of you so please get a hold of your emotions and forget the old lady analogies, lets get you back to the secure and sexy image that you know you have of yourself. This can be dealt with faster than you can imagine. However I do need to mention that lack of action on your part will make not being able to wear cute little things a very minor issue compared to other complications that will certainly come about.

Forget surgery and forget additional costly "toxic legal poison" known as pharmaceuticals prescribed by docs that realy dont know that there are legit, effective and economic solutions that work in harmony with your body, not against it, Ill give you some basic info and if you cant find a decent natural practitioner in your city, and you want some detailed help, contact me through yahoo, my email is listed.

Stacey, my business slogan is EDUCATE SO AS NOT TO MEDICATE, so bear with me while I give you some basic information so your informed and at least make informed decisions not just heresay, trendy and gossip decisions.

The fibroid tumor is a hard, benign (noncancerous) tumor that generally occurs in the uterine wall. It usually has no toxic effects on the body and causes problems only if it grows large enough to physically encroach on vital structures. If such tumors are present in the uterus as a woman approaches menopause, they may produce abnormal menstrual bleeding.

At times this bleeding can be controlled only by removing the uterus. In many cases, much less extreme and natural measures are more than satisfactory. The cause of fibroid tumors remains medicaly unproven though there are many solid theories. Researchers in my natural health field believe its due to certain trace mineral deficiencies via an imbalance of the body PH, more on that in bit.

The balance of ovarian hormones must play some part in their formation because as a woman goes through menopause, the fibroids present frequently retrogress and atrophy along with the normal shrinking of the uterus.

Many tumors are in the early stages respond well to the use of certain detox protocols and trace mineral supplementation, this in combination of consuming less acid forming foods and more alkaline forming foods and the all important stress management aspect which also plays a factor in why these tumors formed in the fist place since its a know scientifica fact that un managed stress releases a large amount of unnecessary acid in your system.

To accomplish this, I recommedn certain detox herbs, supplements with natural detox agents; essential vitamins that reinforce the immune system, vegetable protein and supplementation.

This combined with spiritual reconnection therapy is effective in virtualy all cases within a time frame of 7 days to get rid of pain, 8 to 12 weeks for the enitre detox process to take hold and at about 12 weeks after the process begins get an ultrasound to confirm what you will already know and feel, the tumor has been flushed out naturaly with no drugs or toxins.

Now Stacy, about one of the main root causes of your tumor, PH out of balance. Let me explain.

The body is dominated by 2 chemicals, alkaline and acid, when the acid takes over for a considerable length of time the entire cell structure and tissues are deprived of sufficient oxygen, this is called an "anaerobic enviroment" this was discovered by 2 time Nobel Prize winner in science and medicine, Dr. Otto Werberg, a German physician that won those prestigious awards in 1931 and then again 1938, he also documented that once you get the PH to get more alkaline than acid, the oxygen comes back and no way that any tumor, germ, bacteria, paraiste, fungus or any illness can stay in the body since it doesnt have its required food, acid.

So as you continue to remain in a Candida state, over acid, fungus starts to form in the inner organs, in your case the uterus and fellopian tubes, to try and combat this over acid state the body now produces mucus, the same icky yellowy stuff we have when we deal with head colds, the reason is that the acid we consume via canned and processed foods or foods that convert into acid in your body, toxic medicines, untreated stress and other factors, these acids have the ability to damage the membranes of your nerves and tissues, therefore the body as a defense mechanism engulfs the acid/toxins with the mucus and in a body with the proper PH balance, it ejects it, detoxes from the body and no problem.

However in a body out of PH balance, which I suspect is your case, resulting in candida and anaerobic enviroment, the mucus now begins to accumulate in the inner wall of the intestines, tissues, joints, lungs, cells and inner organs so now the body has to produce EXTRA FAT CELLS to engulf the mucus to protect the organs from damage.

Stacy I dont know if weight gain is an issue in your case, but in most over acid states it is. So in one sense the extra fat cells are actualy saving your life, however the negative result is the weight that wont come off cause your are constantly over acid. That is why it makes sense to eat foods high in alkaline and that way your body wont need to make mucus or fat cells to protect you.

The solution?....... forget about calories, forget about fat grams, forget about cholesterol count, concentrate on detoxing your body with natural foods I will recommend, get rid of excess acid, get and maintaing the proper PH balance and the tumors will go away, your other symptoms will disipate, your mood will change to positive, weight will come off naturaly and with out these fad diets or toxic pills.

Glad to help, Live healthy,
Why didn't you have it removed. It maybe too late now since it is growing.
Go visit a doctor. Before it is too late.
Don't know if the tumor is too large for this to be effective, but Vita-E has been very successful in shrinking fibroid tumors. One individual took 6 Vita-E daily for three weeks and when she was re-examined the tumors were practically gone. Maybe it's worth a try.

Hope this is of some help and feel free to contact me with questions or if you wish to know the brand I'm referring to.
sorry, but surgery is the only option
the fibroid mass will not dissilve no matter what pills you take. It is tissue similar to scar tissue in consistency. It will keep getting bigger. If the diagnosis was correct in the first place, then it is not dangerous at least until it becomes so big that it begins compressing the internal organs/ arteries/ intestines
It is no good to make diagnoses sight unseen, but IMO you need to have it removed ASAP. Get it done first, worry about paying later. Otherwise it will make your life miserable.
Hospital admin people may huff and puff, but they'll have to accept instalments.

Try a teaching hospital. The operating doc would be still learning the trade, but supervised by an expert. IMO these are the best people for surgery- simply because they do lots of it.

Alternative is cheating- claim a sharp recurring pain, vomiting, no stools or blood in stools. It is difficult to fool a doctor, but if they decide to make a "explorative laparatomy" then they would remove the tumour as an emergency procedure.
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