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Flu and horrible metal taste in mouth?

i have had the flu for four days and the past two days ive had a really horrible taste in my mouth.is this a symptom of the flu?

That metallic taste in the mouth is a common symtom reported with influenza and with common colds. It is also highly characterized as a side effect for certain drugs. For more information go to the medline plus website: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/... Source(s): a medical degree; MedLinePlus website
An altered or metallic taste sensation is referred to as dysgeusia. There are many possible factors or conditions that can lead to or be associated with this symptom.
Deterioration of an old silver (amalgam) filling or a cap (crown) can sometimes be the culprit. Gum disease (periodontitis) or dental abscess could also be considered. A wide variety of drugs (over 200) have been associated with taste disturbances or alterations. Vitamin or micronutrient deficiencies, especially zinc deficiency, have been related to metallic or altered taste. Inflammation of the stomach (gastritis), esophageal reflux and even sinus infections have been contributory in some patients. Finally, some cases appear to have no definite (or identifiable) cause.

The first step would be to rule out a local dental or gum problem with a visit to your dentist. Next, I would check with your physician to rule out other conditions that may be more systemic in origin.

Good luck.
A bad taste in the mouth can be caused by sputum that's been coughed up. So have you had a productive cough?
Make sure you give yourself oral care at least 3 times a day. Before you consider medication effects, dental problems, sinusitis and gastric issues, blah, blah, blah, get over the flu first. If the metallic taste remains once you are well, report this to your doctor.
I'm a nurse.
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