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Huge red welt on arm after flu shot?

I got a flu shot yesterday. I felt no pain until today. Now I have an incredibly sore arm and a huge red gross welt at the injection site. It's very painful to touch and quite warm. I've had about 5 flu shots previous to this one and I've never reacted like this. Should I be worried? My co-worker got a shot right before me from the same batch of vaccine and her arm is just a little sore, no welt or redness at the injection site.

It's also possible that the injection site became infected, especially since you say that it's a "huge red gross welt" and it's warm. Keep an eye on it and see a doctor if it gets worse.

I've gotten it for the past two years and there was only a little soreness in the arm for the rest of the day.
There are alot of diff rent vaccine manufactures, so maybe this one was different then what you had before, it could be a reaction to the preservative, I wouldn't worry about a serious reaction it would have happened already, just use warm compress and motrin and it should be better before too long.
Work for a Dr.
I had mine this year and felt like my arm was going to fall off next day... and had a small welt.. soreness lasted a few days and then it was fine... maybe it was just the type of vaccine they used this year.
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