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Is it Possible to relapse from the flu after apparently getting better?Or to reinfect yourself somehow?

I feel as though I have had the flu 3 times already, is this possible? Each time with the same symptoms,not varying except in duration,and intensity.

Relapse after a viral illness is very common. Usually it occurs in people who go back to work as soon as they are able and then who work extra hard to catch up on their backlog.

The classic example is atheletes who get back to training and then train extra hard to make up for lost time. This stress (but even the stress of an office job) can suppress the immune system somewhat - at least enough for the viral illness to return.
Sure. Your body is trying to clean up a mess. If you interfere, you can hamper the process to the point that the bad guys again get the upper hand. Can you learn from your mistakes?
Time to go and see your doctor, could be an infection that is not clearing up or post viral syndrome - or anything else for that matter!
Make and appointment - and good luck!
Depends on the time frame. I'd see a doctor. But if you have been on Antibiotics it makes you body supceptible to other illness while taking it.
It is not a reinfection. It is that you have not completely got rid of the first on. See your doctor so you could get prescribe something that will get rid of it for good.
It might be because this might be a particularly tough strain of the flu, or you might have caught some of the thousands of possible strains of the common cold while your immunity was low. Drink more water, get some rest, and keep warm!
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