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How long does it take to get the flu from someone?

if my daughter started feeling achy,and fever on saturday and fever gone sunday night does this mean my husband and I wilol not be contaminated from her now? We are in the safe?

It depends on the strain and if it is a flu virus or an bacterial infection.
But generally I think you should be safe after a week. As it probably is a flu and most strains break out after a couple of days.
Actually depends on your cells. it can be a matter of minutes or sometimes even living with the person having flu will not necessarily mean that you will get it. My family had flu for like a week and I didn't catch it though they are concerned about it and at other times I have gotten flu with being around a person or an hour or so.
I believe the general rule here is, they are contagious while still running a fever. After the fever breaks you have a 3 day period. This is not exact but it's more of the norm. So you are probably not out of the woods for about three days after fever goes away.
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