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Is gerd a disability?

Is gerd a disability?

GERD is usually treatable and thus is not a disability. Chronic and significant GERD can however lead to serious complications, including cancer of the lower portion of the esophagus. Thus treatment is recommended. The 2005 Nobel Prize was given to a doctor who figured out that majority of GERD is caused by a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori, so if you do have GERD, ask your doctor to check you for it. Hope that helps.
no, it's a condition
no it is temperary
trust me
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A disability is defined as something that greatly effects a major life action. GERD effects digestion, which is required to live, and therefore is considered a disability.

GERD can vary greatly in degree, ranging from mild heartburn a few times a week that is easily controlled, to uncontrollable vomiting and breathing problems that require 5 medications a day to control.

Sometimes GERD goes away after a few weeks on proton pump hihibitors, sometimes it lasts.

Whether you can get disability money for GERD, that's up to your doctor, but is unlikely.
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