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If you have GERD answer this.?

I have serious acid reflux, big time, all day every day. I have always believed that beer was one of the good things in life... like beautiful women, Marvin Gaye, summer rain or children laughing. I have recently discovered however, that red wine helps my stomach. Is that weird, or is it in my head? I seem to remember Jesus drinking wine for his stomach, but I was a kid. Is there any scientific reason why? Just wondering...

Thanks-- Waiting to die of stomach cancer

See your doctor! There is medication that can help. Otherwise the acid can eat your esophagus.
Try pepcid or prilosec
All I know is I had GERD and still do sometimes but a cure I found is Bragg's Vinegar which you can buy at GNC stores. Take it for several days - a teaspoon in an 8oz. glass of water and sip it throughout the day and I believe you will see relief.
Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease is GERD...the big word for acid reflux...have no idea why wine makes it better but U better get Aciphex if you really want relief. That or Prevacid or something like that...those are prescriptions and I have taken all of them...they all work. My daughter had it real bad and they did a Nissan where they sewed part of her stomach around her esophagus but it only lasted 10 years and she needs it redone again. Nasty thing to have, hurts like crazy and I can't stand the nausea, that is why I take prescription medicine for it.
red wine can do a lot of good in moderation as far as the acid reflux ask your doc to do an upper G I and see whats going on sometimes nexium or other script med is good. but it may also be a peptic ulcer or worse causeing the problem go see your doc
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