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Is there a Genital Herpes Surgery?

I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes and I have had my second outbreak. I noticed that my second outbreak was in the exact same spot as my first outbreak. I know that Herpes wraps itself around the nerve and waits for the next outbreak. With all the medical advances in surgery, such as the reattachment of a severed penis, arm, leg, etc. Can the affected area be surgically cut away to prevent future outbreaks? in other words can a doctor go in and remove the nerve where the herpes lays dormant and then reattach the penis? If this is possible would it leave one side of the penis numb? Or am I desperately clinging to a futile hope?

No there is not.

There is only medication right now to treat herpes symptoms. These medications don't prevent outbreaks, but they help the sores heal faster and lessen the severity of outbreaks. Also, stress is a major factor in herpes outbreaks. Try to relax and limit the amount of stress in your life.

The longer you have had genital herpes the less outbreaks a person typically has. I have had genital herpes for almost 6 years now. I haven't had an outbreak in nearly 3 years (knock on wood)! The first year is always the worst. The outbreaks are usually the most painful and they occur more often. Don't worry, I'm sure with time you will get them less often. Good luck! Source(s): Personal experience.
There is no surgery for herpes, however, you can get treatment to prevent/shorten attacks.
Go and speak to a doctor who specialises in genitourinary medicine for more advice/treatment.
if the lesions are only on the penis, a penisectomy would cure it but........
NO..NO...NO!futile hope.please be responsible
they can be burent off but there isnt no cure onley medication to help when ou have outbreaks. my opion?
No, because the virus retracts into the major nerve ganglia in your lower back. It can outbreak in any area in the "boxer-shorts" region as it progresses down the ganglia. This progression can cause a neuralgia (nerve pain) anywhere from your feet on up to your lower back, because it has infected that major cluster
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