´╗?html> How can I have Genital Herpes and my Partner the ONLY one I slept with doesnt have it? He admitts to cheating?
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How can I have Genital Herpes and my Partner the ONLY one I slept with doesnt have it? He admitts to cheating?

and i got an STD but his test came out negative how is that possible??

if this is his second case he could have had a very mild case a tiny spot or a slight rash on his lower stomach some men are lucky and it doesn't break out in sores it can be gone in two or three days but it is most contagious when the virus is going
He more than likely has the Herpes virus and he may not want to accept the fact that he gave this virus to you. Unfortunately, even if he doesn't have visible sores he can still transmit the virus to you. He has been lucky enough not to have an outbreak..also laboratory tests sometimes have false negatives and false positives..Your partner should be re-tested. There is, sadly; no cure for Genital Herpes..but it can be treated with medication..Valtrex, Acyclovir. so to have fewer outbreaks of the herpes lesions.
MOHO..I know, I sound like a commercial...but it is true..
If your partner is the ONLY person you slept with, they must have herpes if you do. There are two types of herpes test, one to do with the affected area and one to do with the blood. If your partner had the skin scraping test, it could EASILY be negative and your partner really have it (False Negative). The blood test is usually better at detecting it, but not always. Herpes is a disease in which the virus lays dormant in the nerves, and only comes out once and awhile (so to speak) Sometimes, herpes can lay dormant for a very long time, and the person not even know they have it. I work in a hospital laboratory and this is very common. I hope your partner understands that they gave it to you, and can transmit it to others as well.
Someone is not being honest did he get tested with you? Maybe you touch someone in an affected area and forgot to wash your hands or something. I would question my boyfriend if you are certain he is the only one you slept with??
I have had two sex partners. The first one I always used protection with. After having sex with my husband I was diagnosed with HPV he has never had an out break from HPV but he has out breaks of herpes and i have never been diagnosed with herpes. He gave me both viruses but the herpes virus has not affected me yet. Sometimes it takes years for people to have an out break.
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