?html> Which of the following STD's is curable? genital herpes, chlamydia, hepatitis B?
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Which of the following STD's is curable? genital herpes, chlamydia, hepatitis B?

Which of the following STD's is curable? genital herpes, chlamydia, hepatitis B?

Chlamydia is curable with penicillin
The others have no cure
of the three, only chlamydia is curable

Now how many of those do you have?

The other two can be put in indefinite remission, btw. Stress will trigger them both.
chlamydia iscurable. Not sure about hep. You can take medication for herpes to make the rashes go away or become less severe, but you can't actually cure it.
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  • Has anyone experienced permanent numbness from a primary genital herpes infection?
    I have Herpes and no I haven't experienced any numbness from this condition YET. Speak with your dr and ask if thats a possibilty? It might be something else. Good luck!!! ...
  • Experienced-can u know if a person has genital herpes by looking at their penis? without an outbreak on it??
    There is no way to know if a guy has genital herpes or not. The only obvious way to tell is if he is currently having an outbreak. Other than that, there is no way to know. Even if a pers...
  • Can my sexual partner get herpes after giving me or*l sex after i had already had a genital herpes outbreak?
    There can be a small, but contagious, amount of virus present even as the blisters are drying up. If your partner has contact of that type with your vaginal area, he can get a herpes infecti...
  • Is there a one time pill/treatment to cure genital herpes ????
    No. In fact, there is NO cure for genital herpes. It is a virus and viruses can NOT be cured. There is medication to help control the outbreaks and the severity of the outbreaks, but it ...
  • Is it ok to get pregnant whilst you suffer genital herpes?
    That is a question best answered by andOB/Gyn practitioner. Basically, there are issues (risk factors) associated with this condition, mostly as they relate to the birthing process. Mainly ...
  • Does anyone have any info on a virus called herpes meningitis? not caused by genital herpes though?
    While there are many different strains of herpes virus, by far the most common is HSV1, typically cold sore type and HSV2 usually genital. This is not to say that you could not get an HSV2 o...
  • Is it possible to have your first outbreak of genital herpes months after you contracted it?
    Yes, and the main problem is that Herpes never leaves your system, you've got it for life. It will flare up in times of stress and anxiety, and the degree of the problem can vary from mi...
  • Are there any home remedies known to treat genital herpes???Please help!?
    There are certain things you can do to ease outbreaks, but there is no cure or "home remedies". If you can afford the medications out there then I would highly suggest getting ...

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