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Do genital sores mean that i have herpes?

I have had 3 of them for a week, I was just wondering if there is anything else it could possibly be? thanks

It is a very good chance. You're going to need to be seen by a doctor as soon as you can. Don't ignore this, because it can get worse. You are considered infective right now too, so no sex, nothing until you're complete cured. Best of luck to you........
Go to a doctor and get tested, that's your best bet.
It could be herpes but it could also be other things like boils. Check with a doc to make sure so you don't infect anyone else IF it is herpes.
Very possible. Could also be venereal warts. Go to the doctor!
Lots of education.
could be herpes, but there are so many things that cause irritation to the skin from discharges. so your best bet is to see a physician
could be a number of things... syphilis can also cause canker sores so the only way to tell for sure is to have a complete STD check done. Make sure you also have an HIV test done as well just to make sure. The reason why it's important to get checked now is because waiting to long can render you infertile or cause scar tissue later in life making it hard to conceive.
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