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How does gonorrhea start?

i know if you have sex with an infected person you can get it but is it a chemical reaction?how does it start?i know it just doesnt fall out of trees

the bacteria in the infected person pass thru the mucus membranes of the noninfected person and begin to multiply
No... it is a bacteria. It is just like bacterial life all around us. You can get it orally and vaginally by the way.
its probably a parasite and its in our genes from our forefathers
take oliveleaf extract or frequensea or a golden seal & red clover herb formula
also avoid yeast foods etc
easy fix!
Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection. It's not a chemical reaction. Symptoms typically include painful urination and an oozing from the penis (in men). It can be killed with prescription medication.

It's an STD, it exists because people continue to spread it.
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