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Why do HIV +ve women give birth to a HIV -ve babies?

I am still puzzled as to how a HIV +ve mum can give birth to a HIV -ve baby. I though its all bout blood, fluid and all that. Does it mean there is no exchange of blood between a pregnant woman and the baby she is carrying?

In the US HIV + mothers are given the drug AZT to reduce the risk of their child being born with HIV. The reason that babies can become HIV (-) after birth is that before birth, babies and mothers share the same blood supply and immune system (which is how the baby receives food and oxygen). However, after about 3 months after birth, the baby begins to develop its own immune system. If the baby avoided contracting the virus with the help of AZT, the baby will be HIV (-).

There used to be controversy in New York State, because all babies are given a blood test at birth. However, the tests were anonymous for statistical reasons and results of the blood tests were not revealed to the mother. However, a baby testing at birth for HIV is not truly indicative of the baby being HIV, but that of the mother (because they shared the same immune system). Babies are tested again at about 6 months (when their own immune system kicks in) to see if they have truly contracted the virus.
tHe cHild was in the woman's tummy right?so they have their lines on navel connected,....they call it something but i forgot...and so,that means the blood is flowing to the baby also.ofcourse you know that the virus shall be carried in the blood.thats it.its transferred to the child by blood.anyway,thnx for the 2pointz.
my knowledge from the Lord.
No, the baby and the mother have completely different bloodstreams. It is possible that a mother and her baby have different blood types and rhesus factors as well without leading to any adverse reactions.

In the umbilical cord the arteries of mother and baby are close together, allowing exchange of nutrients, but the bloodstreams are nevertheless separated.

However, at the end of the pregnancy, the chances that 'leaks' between the 2 bloodstreams occur become higher, so a mother can infect her baby after all.
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