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HIV symptoms?

Can Diharrea be the only symptom for a recent HIV infection ?? In other words, can HIV related ARS manifest in Diharrea only (no fever, no rash, no swollen lumph nodes etc...)

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For diagnosis, see your doctor.
go see your dr sometimes there can be no syptoms for years
The first sign of HIV is a sore rectum
Here's the thing. Sometimes, HIV shows no symptoms. If you think you have HIV, get yourself to the doctor and get it tested...and stay out of bed.
Here you go:
It can be. The actual HIV acute infection period (which is the "recent HIV infection") often shows no symptoms at all. The swollen lymph nodes, the rash, the fever, and other flu-like symptoms are often only present in those who already have a weakened immune system, which explains why children almost NEVER get it.

Go to your doctor, and get a Rapid-HIV test (on the spot, 15-30 minutes) done. Then, get it confirmed with an ELISA (Enzyme-Linked ImmuneSorbent Assay) test. Your doctor may also want to supplement the ELISA with a Western blot test to guarantee a positive or a negative result.
The first (real) sign of HIV is a very high fever (103-106) the kind that you are hospitalized for, it make take months for it to appear.
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