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Can you get HIV from sharing a toothbrush??

I recently used my roommate's toothbrush about 2 minutes after he used it?? Can I get HIV this way if he has HIV?? I have heard that the HIV canot survive on the toothbrush especially that it was rinsed with water by him when he finished and by me before I used it....please help

Relax...HIV is not transmitted by sharing a toothbrush. Even if ur roommate bled on the toothbrush while he was brushing his teeth, the fact that the toothbrush was rinsed twice (by you and him) by tap water is more than enough to remove any hiv particles.

HIV is a very fragile virus, and it cannot survive for any amount of time outside the human body. So the air and tap water would surely nutrelize the HIV on the toothbrush (if it was present).

For infection using a toothbrush to happen, u and your roomie have to be standing side by side and passing the toothbrush from one to another still warm and covered with blood....and this was obviously not the case with u...

U should avoid using other people's toothbrush, but in terms of HIV, u didnt have a risk..
No I do not think so, HIV transmission requires contacts with genitals or blood transfusion, however, there are chances you may get other diseases in case the brush is contaminated.
It is so unlikely that it might as well be said to be impossible.
I pretty sure there is a chance. I think HIV can be transmitted with saliva, because it comes from a mucous membrane or something. Why were you using your roomies toothbrush in the first place?
Good Gosh, how old are you? You should have learned about this in 6th grade. The answer is NO.
Ways to get HIV:
Sharing needles
Unprotected sex with someone who is infected
Or even protected sex could lead to HIV
There are more I can't think of right now I'm sure
6th Grade
The risk is low but NOT zero. This is especially so if you both brush vigorously enough to cause a little irritation of your gums, thereby creating a break in the natural tissue barrier thus allowing access to the blood supply.
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