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How long does it take HIV to show up in a test?

I got drunk last night and I met this hot 36 year old girl and we had sex multiple times all night when I woke up she was gone I dont know where she lives and I never gave her my number. So now Ive got to get tested what a dumb Idea right?so any way how long does it take for things like hepetitas and hiv to show up

hopefully nothing wrong ll happen.....just calm ur self down n b optimistic......but try not 2 hav unprotected sex onwards:)regarding question....it takes atleast 3 month for antibodies(in broader terms u can say shadow agains virus)2 develop frm which they study in a test weather person is positive or not against the virus........so wat ever happened u hav 2 wait till next 3 months 2 hav a blood test check 4 HIV..........
It can take as long as six months to show up. So you should go in for testing at least one a month.
They now have home testing product which would save going to a doctor each time.
The last time I got tested they told me that it is three months now.
Much longer than it would have taken to put on a condom.
it only took 2 to 4 weeks for my HIV to show up... but usally takes about 3 month to show up... sometimes longer all depending on how strong your immune system is and how long it will keep it under control.. in my case my immune system failed and i became very sick from it. i got sick like a week and a half after i slept with the infected person that did not inform me that he had had it ... so it all depends on your body and how healthly you are... they have new testing out now to detect it early so it would be best to go get tested as soon as you can... never to safe....
it can show up as long as 6 months after exposure
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