?html> The list of names of people with hiv/aids in omaha NE public records?
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The list of names of people with hiv/aids in omaha NE public records?

The list of names of people with hiv/aids in omaha NE public records?

The goal of Nebraska's Sexually Transmitted Disease Program is to control and prevent sexually transmitted diseases and reduce the burden and cost of these infections. The program assists state, local, and community efforts to help prevent the spread of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis, and other STDs.

Confidentiality and surveillance
STD reports are strictly confidential. In Nebraska, as in most states, syphilis; gonorrhea; HIV/AIDS; and chlamydia are reported to the appropriate health department. Laboratories and health care providers provide the health department with information for controlling and preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Prompt reporting and accurate identification is important:

for clients that may need treatment,
for identifying sex partners who may be infected, and
for monitoring disease trends.

So only health care providers and the proper state agencies can look at the records......these records typically dont have names but more of demopgraphics, location, age, race, what sex they are, the city, but they dont have names, and these files cant be accessed by anyone in the general public. Source(s): http://www.hhs.state.ne.us/std/stdindex....
There are laws which prevent this sort of thing. If you file a freedom of information act request for the information, the health department will not give it to you. There are state laws in every state, as well as a federal law called HIPAA which prevent this type of information release without the consent of the patient. The only public records that would contain this type of information are if a person with HIV/AIDS put it on their own website or blog, or had spoken to a member of the media in which they announced that they had a particular disease. In short, the records for any disease in NE or any other place in the US are not public records.
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