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Can a man swallowing another mans sperm create HIV?

Me and a friend of mine are having a little... disagreement. he thinks that if two men without HIV or AID, have oral sex, and a man swollows another mans sperm, that HIV can be formed. I think he is just wrong that no one knows how HIV was created, things have come about that a man has had sex with a monkey, and that the government might have placed this in africa, but noone truely knows.

Ah, yes! The great ape debate...the homosexual debate- we have all heard these theories and debates spun since the 80's.
I believe the first reported case of HIV/AIDS was discovered in Africa. The first person diagnosed with the disease, spread the infection to his wife and their children, were sadly born with the disease.
Since American's travel abroad- it is likely that a sexual encounter of some kind and therefore the disease was spread through the intitial, and additional sexual contact(s). Who knows for sure how long this disease was circulating in our society...some undiagnosed conditions, or some misdiagnosed variations of auto immune defincicies that have led to the demise of many LONG before the 1980's could, in hindsight- have actually been cases of HIV/AIDS related deaths for all we know.
Common sense should rule out the obvious suggestions of ape/man sex- government conspiracy and even the perfectly healthy man/man sexual encounters "creating" the virus!

The fact is that it's origin is not nearly as important as what we know now...it is a disease transmitted through bodily fluid.
Can a uninfected man who swallows the semen of another unifected man "create" the virus?
Of course not! No more than a healthy uninfected woman swallowing the healthy unifected semen of a man can! A virus is not a gender specific sexual preference "reader"...it is a virus. Albeit, a viscious and deadly one...but, the point is that we know enough now to know that one person must have HIV in order to spread it to another.
Stomach acid and saliva will kill HIV - same analogy if a woman swallows a man's *****.

If anyone has open sores in the mouth - HIV will enter and spread.

HIV was the first experiment in genetically engineering a virus which naturally exists in monkeys into one that can be transmitted by humans.
ok hes wrong but thats GROSS
Only if the sperm shooter is HIV infected.................
A man swallowing another man's sperm can not "create" HIV. HIV is a virus. Viruses can not be transferred if there are no viruses to be transferred.
AIDS is caused by the HIV virus, that's VIRUS! not sperms.
A man could swallow the load of ten men who were all disease free and the only thing he would end up with is being thirsty. Ejaculate tends to be pretty salty. So your friend is wrong.
Your friend is a fruitcake to believe that. An idiot, really.
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