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How long before HIV symptoms appear??

So about two weeks I had intercourse with a girl that I barely know. A few days after that I started to get a sore throat. It's been about two weeks now and my throat feels worse and it feels like the inside of my throat is swollen. I also have a few other of the known symptoms like aching muscles and a sore on my lip.

So is it possible to feel the symptoms this early?? Because i've read that it usually takes over a month for the early symptoms to appear.

I should also add that I have a pretty weak immune system because of all the pot i've smoked over the years. Could this be a reason why they appear this early? (if it is hiv, god forbid!)

It takes far more time then two weeks for HIV symptoms to appear even with a compromised immune system. Also marijuana isn't know to weaken your immune system even if it is used systemically over the years. So first of all go to a Doctor and make sure you get all the correct facts don't take anyones word except that of a trained professional who can perform tests to make the correct diagnoses. Second you should probably not have unprotected intercourse with anyone whose history you don't know for your own safety. Third, when you do visit your Doctor ask him to test you for something called Mononucleosis or what used to be called the "Kissing Disease" It is an autoimmune disease that, while it may cause inflammation to your lymph nodes and spleen, is usually non threatening and clears up on its own. Your sore throat symptoms lasting that long coupled with sore muscles really sounds like Mono which, incidently, I had a couple years ago and recovered from without a problem. Check out the article I will add to this post and go see a Dr. Good Luck :) Source(s): http://www.emedicinehealth.com/mononucle...
I'm sure it's possible especially if your immune system is already pretty weak, but could also be coincidence. Hopefully it's nothing, but I would just get to the doctor and then you can rest easier. And drink lots of orange juice and take your multi-vitamins, that will help your immune system out lots, I promise!
Good luck. :)
best thing to do is go to doc or a health clinic and get tested for aids. symptons dont show up that quick but if your having unprotected sex you need to be test either way.. it could just be a bad cold but i would check it out. i know i wouldnt want to worry about if i could have it. i have not seen a piece i would die for yet. good luck and get better soon
Well you cant say its hiv just like that because usually serconversion illness is usually about 2 weeks post exposure but then diseases dont read books its not good to speculate the best thing is to get ur blood tested after 3 months then again after another 3 months to confirm after that ull b headache free but u cant speculate based on a cold maybe she just passed you a cold or u picked it elsewhere either way remeber that ure life is precious dont have casual and unprotected sex
HIV symptoms NEVER appear within 1 day, it's usually at 4 weeks, and surprisingly, it's usually 4 weeks on the dot, i actually kept up with this young lady on medhelp.org and she explained all her symptoms to us, and surprisingly everything happened at 4 weeks on the dot. what you caught is probably just a flu or a really bad cold, and the intercourse with the girl, was it protected or unprotected? if it was protected you're fine, you're negative, no if, and, or but, if it was unprotected, still you're negative, one time vaginal exposure of HIV is highly unlikely, so you know what to do next time, condoms...always have condoms.
It sounds like you more than likely just caught a bug either from her or by coincidence in the same time period. You wouldn't experience any symptoms that quickly.

As I'm sure they will tell you when you get tested, it can take several months for HIV to actually be detected. If you get tested now, they should suggest you come back in a few months to be tested again, assuming you haven't had unprotected sex with any new partners. If you have, you're back to square one and should be tested in another few months.
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