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What exactly is HPV? And how is this new vaccination going to cure HPV, if there are so many stains out there

And if we are giving our girls the strain that causes cancer...wouldn't that increase their chances of getting cervical cancer?

HPV is a group of viruses that can cause warts and cancer. There are over 100 viruses in this group. Some of the strains cause warts on the hands and feet, Some of the strains cause genital warts.
The vaccine is not meant to cure the HPV but to prevent it. Just like the vaccines we get as kids.
There are about 40 types of HPV that make up the STD version. Of these there are only a few strains that have been found to cause cervical cancer. These are the strains that have been targeted by the vaccine. Source(s): Training as a Family Planning Health Counselor and help from WebMD
HPV, or human papillomavirus. The vaccine just helps prevent it.
hpv is a std called the human papilloma virus. it causes cervical cancer. and no....vaccinations do not increase your chances of getting cancer. the sole purpose of a vaccination is as simple as this. a live, weak, form of the virus is put into the body so that the body's antibodies (which kills viruses) can build up to defend the body from the virus. with vaccinations, the body can ward off any hpv virus that may be present and it will die. therefore, the chances for cervical cancer are gone.
It is a very common STD. There are over 100 strains of this virus and about 10 of them can lead to genital warts, and another 6-8 to cervical cancer. I ended up getting the kind that causes cervical cancer and am now having to have a hysterectomy. The vaccine will not undo what has been done, so if someone has it, the vaccine will not cure them. The vaccine is also not 100% effective against all the strains, so it is a good start, but not the best method.
The HPV vaccine fights against the four most common strands of it. I don't think its supposed to "cure" HPV. Because once you have it, you have it. Its supposed to fight against it.
HPV is a virus that affects many different species. The 'Human Papilloma virus' is found in humans. They are over 100 HPV types. Most are found on the hands, feet, elbows etc. 30 HPV types are specific to the genital area. These 30 HPV types are divided into two categories low risk HPV types and high-risk HPV types.

The vaccine is not a live virus.

The vaccine does not prevent all genital HPV types that are linked to cancer.

The vaccine is not a cure for all HPV types.

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