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What is HPV? Can you describe it? How can you get HPV?

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HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus. It is a sexually transmitted disease. In fact, most women have it, and don't even know. Over 70% of the population is infected with it. I personally have HPV, and I had no idea until I got pregnant and started going to the OBGYN for routine checkups. There are over 100 different types of HPV. You could have HPV and not have any symptoms. In other cases, you could have genital warts, which tend to look like little cauliflower lesions around the genitals. If you have HPV with the genital warts, it will NOT lead to cervical cancer. HPV that shows no symptoms could lead to cervical cancer. Men can not be tested for HPV but carry the virus and can spread it around without knowing it. The only way they would know is if they were showing symptoms. Either way, I would advise ALL women to get tested, the sooner you get tested the quicker you could prevent something serious from happening to your body.
hpv is a virus which is spread by sexual contact...It also a big cause of cervical cancer.....
It is sexually transmitted.

hpv is a STI (sexually transmitted infection). you get it from sex obvously. hpv can cause a number of problems including cervical cancer and genital warts. i personally have hpv and in turn ended up getting precancerious lesions. hpv can possibly be treated through a new vaccine called gardisal. if you think you might have it or you are sexually active, get tested now! it is so important. although it take years for cancer to develop, its so important to get it cured now.
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HPV is a STD caused by human papillomavirus (which is why its called HPV). HPV is the name for a group of viruses More than 30 of these viruses are sexually transmitted. Most people who become infected with HPV have no symptoms and the virus goes away on its own

but some "high risk" types, can cause all kinds of cancers in women and men. they have a new vacine out to guard against getting HPV, you may have seen the commercials.

I believe you get it by having sex with someone who already has it, like most stds, its passed partner to partner.
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  • I have hpv. i was wondering if you can give someone the virus after you get the hpv vaccine?
    First of all, if you have HPV already the vaccine will NOT cure you of it. Vaccines are given to PREVENT contracting the virus. If you already have the virus the vaccine will not cure it. ...
  • I have HPV and fooled around. No intercourse though. I still feel guilty! Can he get HPV on his hands?
    Intercourse doesnt have to happen in order to transmit the virus. Just skin to skin contact with the genitals or surrounding areas. Even if he was touching you and then touched himself immed...
  • Confused about HPV?? I was diagnosed with HPV and had visible genital warts. However, I was treated and I was?
    HPV is what causes cervical cancer. There are some types of this virus that causes genital warts. Just call your doctor!!! Oh yeah...and quit sleeping around then you won't have to wo...
  • I got hpv from my partner will my hpv get worse if i continue to have sex with him?
    No, (unless he's not the monogamous type and you get something else,) once you have the hpv virus, you have it. No degree of difference. ....
  • Does the HPV shot get rid of HPV if you already have it?
    I have HPV have been through a colposcopy and biopsy in April and a LEEP in September06. I don't know which strand I have, but it is high risk. My doctor instructed me to ge the HPV shot...
  • I have hpv i i told my bf that i have it is it hard for a guy to deal with the whole hpv situation?
    HPV is human papilloma virus, Genital warts. They do have treatment Go and see doc and over 80 % people get infected in their life time. Its very common virus and most common STI. tell you b...
  • What exactly is HPV? And how is this new vaccination going to cure HPV, if there are so many stains out there
    HPV is a group of viruses that can cause warts and cancer. There are over 100 viruses in this group. Some of the strains cause warts on the hands and feet, Some of the strains cause genita...
  • What is that HPV? Also what are the symptoms of HPV?
    Genital warts are often said to look like little cauliflower florets. They are usually white or flesh-colored, may either lay flat or be raised, appear by themselves or in clusters, and can ...

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