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HPV-The shots heard around our nation? What is True and What is False?

When it comes to the new HPV for females from ages 8 thru adult is already creating serious side effects and Merick Labs are to blame for the false mass media frenzy.

Anyone who truly care about their daughters future health, should read this article because Merick is exposed, including their plan to use the media to spread false rumors.

Please tell me what you think and your suggestions on how we can stop the drug companies from ruining our lives.


I dont know? but the doctor made me get that shot today!!! So i hope im going to be okay??????
I know the Governer of my fine state (TEXAS) has passed a law requiring all girls 11 -12 to have the shot, which is bull crap!!
it,s a cancer wartyou can get it from sex or for play, go to a walk in clink they have pam flits i saw them,they are thin paper ads.
yeah there telling everyone these day they "might" have hpv...my sister and 2 friends have all had to have repeat tests for it and biopsy and now there this preventitive drug, we are being told will help us prevent cervical cancer, it so weird the way it just happens all of a sudden. its really freaking everyone out.
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