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Active HPV and vaginal birth.?

Ok, very complicated, but i'm going to try to cover everything in the little space they give me.

I was told i had an abnormal pap during my last pregnancy, they did two coloscopies and one biopsy then told me nothing else about it other than 'get a pap every six months'. In sept 2005 i had a baby girl, vaginally. I found out just after her 1st birthday that i was pregnant again. I went to see a different doctor due to insurance reasons and again had an abnormal pap. This time, they told me i had an active high-risk hpv infection and 'low grade cancer'. I had this since the first abnormal pap, but my other doctor never said anything.

Was that wrong of the doctor? Could my daughter have contracted HPV in the birth canal? Is it possible to carry both high and low risk strings of hpv and only have high show in the tests? (low risk makes warts and babies can grow warts on their vocal chords and suffocate between 1 and 3 years of age) I've never had warts, but i'm scared for her.

There have only been 12 people documented to have gotten "warts" on their vocal cords so that is not a real risk factor. You can deliver vaginal with HPV and your baby will not get it but I am not a OB so I would ask them to see. Good Luck and if you have to have a C-section, it is not the end of the world.
If you have genital herpes your doctor will probably recommend a C-section to be safe and ensure your baby doesnt get it. Don't worry too much bout getting the C-section, its the better option for your baby. As for your pap smears, your LGSIL or low grade lesion could have converted to a HGSIL or high grade lesion over time; which is why your doc recommended repeat paps every 6 months to monitor the progress. But not everybody with LGSIL progresses to HGSIL hence the usual procedure is to wait and watch and repest the paps. However now that you have been told you have HGSIL, talk to your doctor about treatment options as they are available.
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