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The HPV shot?

i was wondering about the new HPV shot. is it available yet? if not, when? how much would it be? and how long till the patent runs out so i can get generic? who can get it?

Yes, it is available

it costs about $100 a shot, and you need 3 of them total. But many insurance companies will cover it.
There is no generic yet.
Anyone can get it, but its recommended for girls 9-18, before they have first had sex.
Yes it's available and it doesnt protect against all strains of the virus.....anyone can get it but it's recommended for girls ages 12-16
I dont think there is a patent out for it. If there is then it will be about 20 years. I think it is out becuase I have seen the commercials. Usually pharama companies dont start spending those kind of dollars on advertisements until they have FDA approval to market.
I have HPV and there is a shot for it already. you have to take it before you contract it. I wish I knew about it earlier. I got it from my BF and he didn't even know he was a carrier. There's no test for males, so they don't know until they have an outbreak and that could be days, months, even years. Its more dangerous for women, it affects the cervix. So if I were you, I'd ask your doctor about ASAP. Good luck with it.
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