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Can you have HPV and it not show up on pap test?

I just found out I have HPV, which I got from my Husband. My Husband has been unfaithful to me in the past which he was honest about (please, no need to tell me I'm stupid for staying with him) but he told me about his being unfaithful 18 months ago and I had a pap test a few months after and everything came back fine. Now I just had another one a year later and it came back that I have HPV. Is there any way this could be from when he cheated on me before and it just didn't show up in my last test or would he have had to cheat on me again within this year for it to come up positive? Thanks so much for your help!

Most likely from a recent exposure, not one over a year ago. Note this clinical research:

How soon after exposure to HPV will symptoms appear?
Warts typically appear within 3 weeks to 6 months after sexual contact with an infected person, but they can also take years to appear. This time period makes it difficult to track the infection as it's passed from one partner to the next.

Given the short time frame for symptms to potentially appear, then positive test results would be within a much shorter time frame. Even if it took years for the actual symptoms, the infection and resulting positive testing would be less than the 3 weeks. Given your PAP smear was a year later, tough to nail down when he got it.

Also, are you confident the first test was accurate? Source(s): http://www.brown.edu/student_services/he...
he was cheating again
hpv is not like aids where it takes a while to show up
once you come in contact it will show up right away on a pap

you might want to see a doctor and a divorce attorney


sorry had to edit my answer after reading some of the other people's answers
some things to note:

there are over 80 types of HPV
most women are infected with the types that do not cause warts
only 4 types cause cervical cancer
and though it can take a long time for the warts to appear (if thats the type you have) the infection will be caught on a pap right away
also pap smears are now 100% effective for discovering HPV

if you need more info check it out on

www.wikipedia.com just put HPV in your search browser and it will tell you everything you need to know

and lastly yes paps do detect HPV
when they swab you they send it to the lab and check for everything. cells infected with HPV look different then the normal cervix cells that are not infected
er volunteer
I had HPV (the kind that causes cancer) and a leep to cure it a few years back
I believe it could have been lying dormant and it just showed up, but it is also possible that he gave it to you.

The American Social Health Associateion seems to agree.

It sucks to have HPV but they can watch and get rid of it, so don't worry now that they caught it. It is VERY common .. "Nearly three out of four Americans between the ages of 15 and 49 have been infected with genital HPV in their lifetime. "

Good luck.
it could be either or because they say alot of times hpv does not show up on those tests it was on tyra the ABC's of STD's they said pap tests aren't really reliable for hpv in most cases and that is probably because they aren't looking but anyway i hope you are okay and this goes away and does not turn into cirvical cancer.
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