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Just diagnosed with HPV, How do I tell My husband?

I was diagnosed about 2 months ago with HPV, and I am unable to tell my husband. I don't know how to tell him, that I have exposed him before I found out, or he could have been the one that gave it to me. I don't know where I got it, but I have it. My doctor didn't tell me which strain I had just that I needed to come back in 4 months to repeat the pap test. I don't know if I have warts, or pre-cancer. I am going crazy. I don't know what to do, he is getting upset because I won't have sex with him. I need help, he is going to think that I am having an affair, when I am only trying to protect him from my nasty disease.

You know, he actually probably gave it to you. I've read 75-80% of the world has HPV and most don't realize they have it. So, they go spreading it around unintentionally to their partners. HPV really isn't as uncommon as most people think.

Since there is no test for men, it's practically impossible to know if he has it or not, or if he was the one who gave it to you. Your husband might develop genital warts (if he has that strain) and then you'll know for sure he has it. It can take months and sometimes years for warts to appear though.

Talk to your husband and let him know that you had no idea you had it or where you got it from. Ask your doctor next time you go back if they can tell you which kind or kinds of HPV you have. Pap smears are the best thing you can do right now to detect any early signs of cervical cancer. The reason they are having you come back in 4 months is to make sure nothing has change on your cervix (like abnormal cells). I've had to go to my OBGYN every 4 months for the last 5 years! Source(s): Personal experience. I have had HPV for over 5 years. I developed cervical cancer at 17 and developed genital warts about 9 months ago.
First off, if you are NOT having an affair, you are NOT to blame. You are innocent. This had to come from your partner. Bring it up when things are relatively light and say that this is what you have and you have NO IDEA how you got it!! You have not been "catting around". It will click for him pretty quick. Protect yourself and your emotions.
It really probably is HIS nasty disease.
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This is to hard to answer because i don't know him and is personality.....you know him, and his temperment, and what he'll prob do......decide after you consider these factors........but, maybe you should start some investigating, cause ''how DID YOU get it''.......maybe him?
honesty is always best. If you haven't been messing around, then you don't have anything to hide. Good luck!
It is my understanding that it can take up to 10 years for HPV to show up on a pap after being infected. Since males don't show signs, you could have either gotten it from him or someone before him.

I just researched incubation periods for HPV on the web and came up with the following:

At the beginning of an infection, or after transmission, the virus typically invades the skin without any apparent symptoms...most people are not even aware of its presence. The usual incubation period for hpv is in the order of one to eight months, however, much longer incubation periods have been reported and are probably not that unsusual (may even remain dormant for years�. Given the extremely variable incubation period, it is difficult to determine the time of infection and the partner responsible for your hpv.
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