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If a girl has HPV can she give a guy warts?

My question is if a girl has cervical displaysia or abnormal cells on her cervix because of HPV can a guy get warts from that?

There are over 120 different kinds of HPV; about 37 of them are sexually transmitted.

The kinds of HPV that cause cervical cancer for women are different from the kinds that cause genital warts. For example, type 16 and 18 are responsible for cervical cancer. These types will ONLY cause cervical cancer. They can't cause genital warts. So, if a female ONLY has a kind of HPV that causes cervical cancer (or abnormal cells on the cervix) she can NOT pass this to a man and it can NOT cause genital warts for him. It is possible though for her to have a kind of HPV that causes warts and she just doesn't realize she has it. I personally have had HPV for 6 years now. I developed genital warts from it a little over a year ago. I never knew I had a kind that caused genital warts and that I had it for 5 years! People can go years and years without ever showing any signs of HPV. This is why HPV is so common! Most people don't realize they have it and end up spreading it around unknowingly. Source(s): Personal experience. I have had HPV for 6 years. I have had both cervical cancer and genital warts from it.
If you have unprotected sex, yes
yes, and even with protection. HPV is skin to skin contact, and I have never seen a condom cover your whole body. Condoms do not provide any protections from HPV.
You betcha !!!! That's how it's spread. Use condoms.
yes if she has break out and sometimes they can be passed without a break out. if she just found out it may not be it at all. i was given that diagnosis over 6 years ago. i had a caposcapy and a biopsy. it wasnt fun. i had a pap test every 6 months for th enext 2 years and never had a break out. i had 3 children and nothing ever even showed up agian. ever. i mean i would wait and see what happens next befor getting scared. used protection to keep him safe and watch your body. make sure you ask questions and dont be embarassed. Anything you notice can help find out if something is wrong. good luck
The strains of HPV that cause cervical cancer and cervical dysplasias generally DO NOT cause warts.

Therefore, a woman with cervical dysplasia due to HPV is not likely to give a man warts.

HOWEVER, she can still pass on that strain of HPV (which can cause penile cancer). Or if she is infected with a wart-causing strain of HPV in addition to the cervical dysplasia-inducing strain of HPV, then yes, the guy can get warts.

Of all the people who carry wart-causing strians of HPV, only about 1% of them will ever develop warts. That's 99% of infected folks silently carrying the virus around and passing it to their partners!!!
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