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How does high risk HPV affect men?

I just found out that I have high risk HPV. I contracted it from my boyfriend, yet he did not know he has it. How will this disease affect him for the rest of his life? Can his go away like mine is likely to?

The HPV, the Human Papiloma Virus, causes genital warts (for starters), and has been known to be the "cancer trigger" for cervical cancer in females. It can cause a LOT more damage to the foreskin of an uncircumcised male, often ulcerating the mucous membranes, causing tight scarring all over the inner foreskin, frenulum and glans, erupting at the tip of the foreskin (often swelling it shut), and displaying unsightly, contagious and sometimes painful warts anywhere near the initial point of contact. The circumcised guy just has to worry about the warts and spreading them. There may be an increased cancer risk for males, but females have a *known* risk after exposure.
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