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Isn't it possible to get HPV from non-sexual contact?

From hot tubs, swimming pools, toilet seats, bath towels, etc? Is the HPV that causes cervical cancer really 100% sexually transmitted? Does anyone have any cases or examples of HPV being transmitted through non-sexual contact?

Well, This 2001 Cambridge Microbiology/Uni study (easy to read) showed that toilets can be contimated with hpv (admittedly it was in a STD clinic). Also the hpv virus' can live up to 7 days outside the body.

http://sti.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/78/2... Source(s): http://sti.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/78/2...
No. It is a sexually transmitted disease.
I don't think it would be likely, and maybe not possible at all. The liberals, however, aren't going to tell women to learn to keep their legs shut, ever.

That's why they always cheer for abortion, HPV shots, ect.
Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV is a sexually transmitted virus. It is passed by oral, vaginal and anal sex, even when there appear to be no symptoms. Symptoms of HPV include warts, although most women have strains of the virus that have no symptoms, just irregular pap smears and cervical lesions. HPV is not transmitted on toilet seats, hot tubs, pools, towels and the like.
Enlighten yourself at a medical website or plannedparenthood.com they have much more information on this topic.
I have HPV. You cannot get this from all those things; hot tubs, etc.. You get cervical cancer from HPV sexually transmitted because the cells have turned abnormal on you. For instance, some kind of HPV cause a person to get warts on hands and feet. It is rare that you can get HPV like this at all, but you cant get cerv cancer from touching someones hands or feet, you will probably just get that strain, and even then it will be a bit ridiculous. Men are really the ones to blame for passing this virus (its not a disease, its a VIRUS that lives in your skin cells somewhere). There are no tests for men as far as what I found out. Secondly, seldom do men get symptoms, so they pass it to us women, and then we have to be the ones to bear the bad news. Get me?!. Condoms dont really protect this either way, because I always used condoms and look at me now. Just keep away from people. Dont worry about towels and things, you wont get HPV from that. Beware of people bearing gifts that should be your main concern...
hpv though usually transmitted through vertical or sexual intercourse can be transmitted through another mode like kissing. if your fear of having cervical cancer, there's a new discovery in medicine. anti-cervical cancer vaccines but i think it's expensive. goodluck
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