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Has anyone had a high risk HPV that has gone away?

what was the experience like

I had high risk HPV 4 yrs ago. I had no symptoms and the only reason I knew was from an annual pap. I had to have the severe cervical dysplasia surgically removed through a procedure called a V Cone. I have not had an abnormal pap since. For the first few years I had to be tested every 6mo, now I just go annually again. It is a big deal but nothing to worry yourself sick over.
I currently have HPV not high risk HPV! I got to my gyn every six months and I been doing that for 2 years now and everything is the same! I dont have any symptoms or anything pointing to HPV and I am very blessed for that!! Hopefully this virus will go away really soon!
My fiance was diagnosed with genital warts. After a 4 year relationship, I was sure I MUST have HPV. I got the test done and came back negative. I am not exactly positive as to why that is. I never got warts from it though.
-I was diagnosed with high risk HPV and acute dysplasia when I was 20--I had laser treatment to my cervix--not fun but I guess necessary--I have had 3 kids since and no abnormal pap smears--this was 15 years ago and I think now they found it can go away on it's own--I thought it was like herpes at the time--always have it-not sure if the laser surgury got rid of it or if it would have gone away on it's own..ask your gyn.
The only way it will go away is to be seen by a Dr. If this is a woman, they freeze it off! For a man they give creams, but from my understanding it basically goes into remission! Meaning it can come back and never truly be cured!
I was diagnosed about one and a half years ago after an inital "ascus" abnormal pap, but they didn't run an HPV check on it. My next check shortly thereafter showed a small spot on my cervix under direct exam. My OBGYN biopsied it and the result showed it was high risk HPV. Abouy 4 months later I had a repeat pap and HPV that were negative, and my cervix looked fine. They were all negative (about2-3 in all) since, but my last pap showed some "slight abnormality" indicating possible inflammation, but the doctor said I don't need a rechek until next year. HPV is a virus, and I don't think it can ever "go away", but it can be controlled by your immune system and flare up occasionaly. Do some research on it to learn more. Although my HPV isn't showing up on tests, I still treat it like it is still there, with my annual paps. It's also important to use protection with partners (for reasons beyond concern of spreading it.) You never know where people have been, and you should always be careful.
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