?html> Why after 14 years has my HPV come back could it be my new partner has it and does not know?
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Why after 14 years has my HPV come back could it be my new partner has it and does not know?

I have had normal paps for 14 years since my first outbreak now it is showing HPV again after all this time I know I will always carry this virus but should I be concerned that my current partner has had it all along and he did not know it and has given me a new strain?

It is very possible, and almost guaranteed that your partner has it also. This virus is highly contagious and there isn't much you can do to protect yourself, even if you use condoms. Most people with hpv will never know they are infected with the virus. You can't get new strains, but your hpv can resurface at any time in your life. If your partner also has hpv he may have trigured the virus and that could be the cause of your recent outbreak. Other things can cause outbreaks like malnutrition, stress, etc. And remember that paps can always come out normal but this means nothing when it comes to hpv unfortunately. Source(s): personal experience
Yes, it could be the change in the equilibrium in your body or an introduction to a new strain. But not likely.

HPV can just reappear for no reason at all, and often does.
This answer is concerning your question posted about HPV. You are right. Even though you dont show outward signs on your cervix any longer, you will still carry the particular strain of HPV (there are many, some more dangerous, I believe 6, 11, 18 and 32 ring a bell) in causing cervical cancer. You boyfriend could very well have HPV and not even know it. Men dont get pap tests done, so unless they have genital warts they would never know. Sometimes the HPV in men can be up inside their urethra and be completely asymptomatic except for occasional blood in urine if the warts are aggravated. So yes, you could have contracted a new strain of the HPV virus and it would probably be a good idea to see your OB/GYN to be retested especially for the particular strains of HPV known to cause cervical cancer.
I hope this helped answer your question and alleviated some of your concerns.
Warren Shaffer, M.D.
Once you have the HPV virus, you have the virus forever. But every timeyou break out, you have a 2/3 less chance of breaking out again. Second break outs are rare but third and fourth ones are even more rare. I wouldnt worry so much about your partner giving it to youbutyou giving it to him. Which by now you probably have and he just does not know it. Both of you need to get tested every six months. Best of Luck!
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