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What are the best vitamins to take to reduce the risk heart disease or lung cancer?

What are the best vitamins to take to reduce the risk heart disease or lung cancer?

Fish oil loaded with Omega 3 is fantastic for cholesterol and blood pressure. Not sure about the cancer part but there alot of vegetables that reduce the risk of certain cancers. Broccoli is one that helps prevent several.
You'll do better to rely on a diet that's low in fat and cholesterol, and get more exercise. One little vitamin is not a magic bullet that will save you from what you really need.
Hi Word, health goes way beyond just taking a daily supplement.

Cancer needs acid to live so it is believed that if one eats a diet that is balanced on the acid/alkaline side cancer would not be able to live.

Heart disease again can be prevented through a healthy diet (eating the right fats, whole unprocessed foods) and exercise.

I do believe everyone should take a daily supplement, but never assume that a supplement will act as a substitute for poor eating.

The supplement I chose is called Limu Plus, it's a liquid and promotes both the health challenges mentioned above.
Supplements DO NOT reduce the risk of heart disease or lung cancer. Do NOT smoke, if you do, STOP this is a risk factor for both. Eat lots of fruits and veggies daily, a rainbow of colors is best. stay away from red meats, too much dairy, white sugars cause cancer. Exercise daily, walk, try to get 10,000 steps in daily. Exercising lowers blood pressure. Avoid salts added to foods as well as frozen and canned foods they are loaded with salt. Avoid alcohol also a cancer cause. Get yearly EKG's and yearly blood work and urine tests. Your blood and urine are the mirror to your health. Keep your stress level at a minimum, stress causes heart failure and cancer.
The biggest risk factor in lung cancer is smoking!

There are no vitamins to counteract this.

Stopping smoking is the best preventative measure.

It is also a major factor in heart disease.

Other than stopping smoking, other ways to reduce heart disease risks are to maintain a healthy weight, eat a balanced diet and get regular exercise.
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