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Can Hepatitis C be contagious other than through blood?

Can Hepatitis C be contagious other than through blood?

NO. HCV corpuscles found in blood-absent bodily fluids are NOT transferrable.

HCV resides in blood only. Source(s): I know my stuff! Had HCV from the age of 8. Never have I infected another individual through sexual intercourse, kissing, sneezing, hugging....eating after someone.
commander had a good answer too, however, his was a bit confusing. HCV is found in blood only. This includes instruments that can have blood on them. HCV can reconstitute if something wet mixed with the dried blood on a razor. (but it is still blood) HCV is not found if there is no blood present.

Yes, it's transmissible through sexual fluid exchange (unprotected sex).
It appears that Hepatitus C is only contagious through a blood trasfer. However, that transfer could take place during sexual contact or blood to blood contact of any sort. I hope that this helps.
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