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Can you get hepatitis C from drinking or eating after someone with it?

my nieghbor and his son both have hepatitis C,(his son is 20). how do you get it? I am not scared of them, they are very nice people. I am just curios on how it is transfered.

Hepititas C is a blood to blood transfered desease. You can not get it from eating the same food or drinking from the same drink unless they had an open bleeding sore in their mouth and even then it would be rare. You can not get hep C from kissing except( same rule applies) Most hep C is from blood transfer's, needle sticks( medical) shared needles. hope that helps Source(s): Medical person with hep C
Just like HIV, it is transmitted by blood or blood products, so no---you can't get it from drinking after someone...
not C. but hep B i think you can and A needs a little more body fluids than that.
My ex husband is battling with it. The first question the doctor asked me when I went in to see if I had it was, "Have you ever used his toothbrush?" Not that you would use your neighbors toothbrush.

Transmission can occur through:

sharing and equipment used to inject drugs
unsterile tattooing, body piercing and skin penetration procedures
household practices (such as sharing razor blades and toothbrushes)
occupational procedures (eg, needlestick and sharps injuries)
certain sexual activities
mother to baby.

If you have a fresh nick or cut in your mouth from sharp or scratchy food and you use another person's eating utensil to try a bite and they have a cut or nick in their mouth and have Hep. C, use your own fork or spoon and go to a spot they haven't touched yet. It's from blood to blood contact.

If you spend the night with someone, don't use their toothbrush, keep a fresh, new one in your car or purse.

Keep your fluids to yourself and you will be protected from Hep. C and a host of many other transmittable diseases.
no. hcv corpuscles found in semen, vaginal fluids, tears, saliva and mucus are NOT infectious, nor transmittable.

hcv is a blood borne disease meaning in order for hcv acquirsation to take place, a person who is infected would have to be bleeding and a window opportunity of cross contamination and infection through an open wound of another.

hcv= blood to blood only
hcv=blood to mouth (without an open wound) 0 % chance
hcv=saliva to saliva=0% chance
hcv=sexual intercourse without open wounds or infection=0% chance.

most common ways for those who live in the same house is household exposure, meaning, sharing of a sharp object that has blood on it (dried or wet as hcv can reconstitute) and the non infected cutting themselves with the same object, ie, window of opportunity.

eating, drinking, kissing, sexual intercourse, household exposure makes up to about .06% of infection given that blood to blood occurred. this is rather minimal because there are over 5 million infected in the united states alone. so it is rather difficult to acquire hcv this way!

good luck!
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