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Why isn't Hepatitis B included in STD package from L.A. county public health?

Hepatitis B is 100 times more infectious than HIV, and there are about 350 million people worldwide who are chronic carriers (compared to 40 million people worldwide who have HIV). AND sexual activity is the most common means of transmission.

With that said, any guesses to why L.A. county public health doesn't include hepatitis b in their STD package?

We don't do Hep B vaccines for adults simply because IT COSTS TOO MUCH. However, Hep B vaccinations are available to schoolkids.

STD Program routinely includes a lecture on Hep B during their STD presentations and even has an entire presentation devoted ot Hep A, B and C. STD also provides plenty of written material about the disease. STD did not forget about Hep B. It's just that they have budget constraints.

BTW, worldwide, most transmission occurs vertically --> mother to baby during childbirth. Source(s): I used to work for the LA County Dept. of Public Health STD Program. I still work for public health, but in a different department now. C'mon, give the 10 points to a firsthand source.
because its not an STD its a disease you might catch it easier through sex but its just a disease and its not associated with sex. health care workers are the ones that are most succeptible and i dont think they are haveing sex with all the patients.
Because they need to be educated on the risk factors that cause HBV. You are right, it is highly sexually transmitted (as well as blood to blood). You might want to contact the state health dept. office and ask them why it is not included. It could be that the employees in that particular office are unaware; although that thought scares me. You can also contact a hepatitis organization such as Hepatitis Foundation International or Hep C Alert, or a Hep B organization and alert their advocates to this matter. They may contact them on this issue. Meanwhile, if you have HBV, contact an infectious disease doc or a gastroenterologist so you can follow through with the care you need.
Best wishes.
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