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How can i get rid of hepatitis B?

my husband got infected with hepatitis B. will he get healed? can i still get pregnant?

I'm sorry to say that there no cure for Hepatitis you can still get pregnant just look at Pamela Anderson she took suffer Hepatitis but she is still able to get pregnant
Currently there is only one approved treatment for hepatitis B called interferon alpha 2-b. About 15-20 percent of those treated will have a lasting response. Many other medications and types of therapy are being tested to find more effective and less toxic treatments.
Hepatitis has nothing to do with fertilty. It messes up your liver. I think you can still get pregnant. You are at risk of contracting the disease yourself, though.
He can get healed, but it will take time. As for getting pregnant, he should meet with his doctor to ask about that. This may not be wise until after he has cleared or gotten rid of the infection. He needs to get himself better first. Medication can treat the disease, but if you get pregnant, and he passed it on to you, you do run the risk of passing it on to your unborn child. Babies are a very high risk for carrying the disease for their entire lives. Read the link below to investigate further.
It will stay in your body forever. If it is not active, it wil be dormat. You can never donate blood.
My husband had Hepatitis B and I had five children with no problem.
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