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What is the difference between Chronic and NON Chronic Hepatitis? What determines this?

Trying to get health insurance for husband and that is one of the questions as he had hepatitis as a teenager and it still shows in his blood...
Only serious answers please....thanks!

Hepatitis 'A' is non-chronic. It is the type of hepatitis that you get from bacteria, it is a short lived infection. Once you have had it, it is gone, and only comes back if you are reinfected. Usually it comes from fecal matter that people have on their hands when preparing food. Like in a restaurant, and a worker did not wash their hands after using the bathroom.

Hepatitis 'B' and 'C' are chronic, because they are viral. They stick with you for life, as there is no cure for them, only treatment of symptoms. These are usually transferred through blood. Some people are able to recover with the help of medication, and sometimes even get over it, but it is tough, and it is a long process. There are also vaccines out now for Hep'B', usually given to health care workers.

There are actually many other forms of hepatitis. The letters behind that word go on and on. Each letter represents the form of what is causing the hepatitis. Bacteria, virus, even parasites can cause hepatitis, which just means inflammation of the liver.

Most insurances do not want to insure those who have a pre-existing condition of Hepatitis 'B' or 'C', as that can cost the insurance company a lot of money in the long run. Source(s): I work in the medical field
Hello..I will try to give you the exact answer of your question,because first it's serious and I know well those problems..Obviously,your husband sufferes froma CHRONICAL hepatitis,because as you said He passed it a long time before.That means that he has either Hepatitis C or B,and they both give always the so called transaminasis in blood high and from there the phisicians could trace and suspect that he probably has HCV or HBC..Chronical hepatitis is when it passed the stage of infecton and with the time it turns in to chronical.Non chronic is when the person is infected with the Hepatitis virus recently,within months.I would like to help you with more and if you want feel free to contact me...Good luck!!
I can give you only a few tips about the health insurance..i would love to help you..
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