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Can a person with hepatitis c and HIV work in a restaurant?

I work at there. I found out they were hiring this guy next week, I talked to a nurse and she said I can't say anything, to the owner, because of the persons rights, sometimes employees cut themselves. please advise me of what to do, if I say something to my boss, the other co-worker will know it came . from me.

è·¯Your boss is unable to discriminate against someone because of their medical diagnosis and as long as this person has shared these facts with your employer, no one has done anything wrong
è·¯You cannot catch these diseases unless you are sharing body fluids with this person, ie: sharing needles or sex
è·¯This person has every right to work in this position or any other that does not pose a risk to public health
è·¯You must not discriminate against this person or you are breaking the law
è·¯If you are concerned, ensure you do not use the same knife as this person does to prepare food and you should be fine. As for blood in food, I would certainly hope that all employees who cut themselves throw away the food they are preparing
consult a lawyer
They are also human beings and you must respect them.
You cannot get infected while working with them.

It is 100% safet to work with them.
God I hope they can't.

Somehow that must break 'Health & Safety' standards!

I would DEFINITELY tell your boss and make him agree to confidentiality.

You are protected by law to say things confidentially - the person with Hep-C or HIV may not be.

DO IT!! You could save someone's life.


I worked in the food industry and know that not everyone has good hygiene. For example, not everyone washes their hands after using the bathroom, and saliva is EASY to get on your hand if you sneeze and don't wash it off. These two examples alone could contaminate a person's plate in a restaurant!

How can people be complacent about this??

I wouldn't even WORK alongside someone I knew had HIV or Hep-C, let alone allow them to work with people's food!!

Seriously - your friend may be in the medical profession, but she is not a lawyer or a human resources representative. She may just be assuming this. Contact your boss immediately before someone becomes contaminated.
Not till they are cured they are still contagious. How did you find out about it? I would definitely mention it the boss, but make sure that he doesn't divulge how he got the information that others know it to. The boss should have this person get something from a doctor certifying he is safe to work in a restaurant and with food.
Yes, of course they can.

Neither virus has ever been passed on through food. The risk of someone contracting hep C or HIV through a kitchen accident is negligible, unless you are having unprotected sex on the preparation bench or sharing injecting needles between courses. It has simply never happened.

If any employees cut themselves they should promptly wash and cover wounds, clean knives and clean up any blood spills using bleach.

This should be normal practice whether someone has hep c, hep b, HIV or none of the above.


Further: the girl who told you is either spreading gossip, or if she has information she is legally obliged to keep confidential she has already broken the law by telling you.

And yes, I regularly and happily eat food prepared by people who have hepatitis C and/or HIV, as does just about everyone who eats out a lot. There is no risk.


Afterthought: you are possibly confusing hepatitis c with hepatitis a, which is a completely different virus. A person with hepatitis a should definitely NOT work with food until they are fully recovered. But hepatitis c, hepatitis b and HIV do not pose any risk through food.
i wouldnt stand back and do nothing they have to tell that they have it i am almost sure i would call a lawyer a lot of them will answer questions for free good luck and try to find out keep it safe
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