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Can Hepatitis be spread from casual contact?

like say someone had just touched a hepatitis fluid and then touched a door knob.
Someone else comes along and touches the door knob.
Can THAT person get hep?

Hepatitis A and E are transmitted by feco-oral route. The virus has to find it's way from the stools of the infected person to the mouth of the person it is being transmitted to. The intermediate fomites could be hands, food contaminated by sewage and yes, a door knob.
Hepatitis B and C require to be introduced into the blood stream from one person to another. This could be via a blood transfusion, sharing a needle for IV drug use, unprotected sexual intercourse, organ transplants, accidental injuries with contaminated needles in the hospital or the lab etc. Blood banks screen for hepatitis B and C now. Many of the hepatitis C infections we see nowadays are from transfusions received before testing for hepatitis C became standardized and universal. Even with testing there is a very small chance of disease being transmitted as a result of a false negative test.
Hepatitis D is also transmitted like B and C but it only survives in the presence of B.
I think that types can.
hepatitis is spread very easily, you should be very carefull and wash your hands frequently and whenever possible,try to keep your distance from someone you know has hepititis. its always better to be safe then sorry, because remember, once you catch hepititis, you have it for the rest of your life. and it will cause you problems with age
Yes hepatitis can be passed by contacting something a person with hepatitis has touched. It is often passed in restaurants from infected kitchen workers or servers. Best defense against this is proper hand washing.

Theoretically, yes, when that person put his hand in his mouth. We're talking about Hepatitis A which is spread by contaminated water, food, utensils, and human waste. That's why restaurant workers need to wash their hands THOROUGHLY after a visit to the toilet.

Hepatitis B and C are spread through blood and body fluids. They are among the sexually transmitted diseases and are completely different viruses.
you can get hep if you come in contact with bodly fluid, like if you have a cut and someone with hep gets blood in your wound then you can contract it, or if you get stuck by a saringe that was used to draw blood from someone with hep you can get it that way as well. the best way to prevent this is to go see your docter and get a hep vacsination.
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