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Can someone with hepatitis C take percocet?

is percocet processed through the liver

Many people with hep c have concerns about taking tylenol or acetominophen. When taken in doses that exceed the recommended dose, tylenol / acetominophen/ (paracetamol to UK folks) can cause damage to your liver. When taken in large doses, it can be hepatotoxic to a liver that is not compromised by the hep c virus. When you add hep c to it, it can accelerate the damage BUT that is only if the dose is exceeded. Recommended doses of acetominophen are OK , that's why your doctor will tell you to take tylenol before you do your shot of interferon if you're on treatment. Of course, if you have cirrhosis , you should be extra careful of what you take. You should always ask your doctor this, and be sure all your doctors are aware of the fact that you have hepatitis C AND make sure all your doctors know what the other doctor is prescribing.
Everything you eat, take, drink, inhale, and anything absorbed through the skin is processed by your liver. This includes herbs, too. Best wishes. Source(s): HCV educator, advocate, & survivor
No they should not because of the acetaminophen in the percocet. It will build up in the liver and may cause it to totally shut down.
Yes but you are better off to get pure codeine phosphate or morphine sulfate for pain as it does not contain Tylenol ( acetaminophen)
and then you will have even less to worry about:-)
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