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No high blood pressure before heart surgery, why blood pressure medicine after?

In Aug., clean bill of health, end of Sept., five by-passes. Three at 90% and two at 75%. If I didn't have high blood pressure with those blockages, why do I need high blood pressure medicine now???

Could be more than one reason your cardiologist prescribed BP meds. Really depends on which med you were prescribed. Lower BP causes the heart to have to work less to get the blood to the body, which in turn allows the heart muscle to require less blood. Another reason BP meds can be prescribed is that some BP meds dilate your vessels (makes the blood vessel open up more) which allows more blood to pass with less force. This dilation will also affect your heart vessels allowing your heart muscle to receive more blood and therefore oxygen to perform.
Whatver the cause, I doubt the blood pressure medication has anything to do with your actual blood pressure, but more to take some work load off of your already stressed heart.
preventative measure. you should've asked your cardiologist
use of these meds after bypass has been shown to have a protective effect on adverse cardiac events.
To avoid a sudden rise on your blood pressure that could cause any ripping on the stitches or tissues.
Blood Pressure medicines also control the heart beat. When one gets more supply of blood to the heart after CABG (Bypass), the heart enjoys it by having more beats per minute. So a lower dosage of BP medicine is given to the patient to control the heart.
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