?html> I got high Blood pressure when I masturbate I have High Blood Pressure what can I do?
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I got high Blood pressure when I masturbate I have High Blood Pressure what can I do?

how does affect me the hypertension and sex? as well what can I do for it? for masturbate and sex..

I'm hypertensive too but jerking doesn't accelerate my blood pressure. I'm on ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) and sex so far has not aggravated my BP. Please a doctor so that he could prescribe you a medication that will suit you including your sexual worries.
dont masturbate, simple as that!
try to see a doctor.
you are confusing high blood pressure and pulse acceleration. and stop masturbate, it makes you deaf in the long run !! evrybody knows that..
Are you overweight? Lose it.

Are you on medication? Maybe it needs to be recalibrated.

Overall, you need to talk to your doctor. No one here is qualified to advise you about such a potentially serious medical issue.
masturbate and sex is the same, only different is one is DIY.
if yu have BP high enuff,yu could blow an "O" ring and thats bad news! stroke time?
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