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Bad teeth and high blood pressure connection?

Bad teeth and high blood pressure connection?

bad teeth = high blood pressure? no not really. The only way that bad teeth can alter the nervous system would be if you went crazy because of pain.

Bad teeth will also cause digestive problems but only because you can't eat properly.

There are some studies underway at the moment which are studying the relationship between gum disease and heart failure.

I think that you would find that the same people who get decay are probably more likely to eat bad food which leads to high blood pressure. I have not looked for any scientific research to back that up.
Yes. Periodontal diseases are sources of chronic inflammation. Inflammation has 'systemic effects', that is, it impacts all other organs and systems. The nervous system, immune system, and vascular system (blood vessels) will likely be directly affected by any source of chronic inflammation in the body.

It is important to recognize that there are many, many factors that can contribute to high blood pressure. Getting your teeth taken care of is an important first step. However, if the hypertension is not resolved by dental care, then lots of other possibilities need to be evaluated.

Lastly, it is quite possible that a common underlying condition is the actual cause of both your dental problem AND your blood pressure problem. For example: nutritional imbalances caused by a poor diet, poor digestion, poor absorption of nutrients, and/or disease of your gastrointestinal tract (e.g. Celiac Disease) can cause dental problems, blood pressure problems and a whole lot more.

Best wishes and good luck.
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