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What does it mean when your doctor tells you your kidneys are stressed because of high blood pressure?

What does it mean when your doctor tells you your kidneys are stressed because of high blood pressure?

That high blood pressure is starting to damage your kidneys. They filtrate blood, and excessive pressure damages the inner layer of the vessels of the kidney and doesn't let them eliminate toxic substances.

Probably you will keep a good renal function and stop problems from getting worse if you lower your blood pressure with water pills, calcium channel antagonists, Beta Blockers or whatever.

There are so many pills to lower blood pressure because we still have a very high rate of hypertension of unknown origin
Your body is having a difficult time eliminating fluids, so hopefully he prescribed a diuretic. I am no doctor but I have high blood pressure.
Blood pressure measures the flow of blood through your arteries. High blood pressure means that the flow is constricted (either because of clogged arteries or some other reason).

High blood pressure can cause stress on your organs because they are not getting all the oxygen they need.

Your dr can advise you on how to lower your blood pressure through diet, exercise, or medication.
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