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Why would blood pressure be 153/67 pulse 58 its always high on top end only and i'm on bp meds should i see dr

this is after iv'e lost 14 lbs and cut out most sugar i only use splenda could splenda be the problem

sounds okay to me - I don't think it's the splenda

Mild hypertension begins at 150/90 - so with a systolic (the top end) BP reading of 153 you are only a little way into the mild hypertension range.

You should be having your doctor monitor it or perhaps you could chart your blood pressure daily in a book for your doctor to look at.

(S)he may increase your medications a little, but many would not.

I note that your pulse pressure is increased. Do you have a leaky valve or a heart murmur?

On the whole, it sounds to me like you should be happy with your current situation and you should keep doing what you have been doing to keep the weight off and the BP down.
"Normal" blood pressure is 120/80. Your systolic is a little high, but your diastolic is lower than normal. A low resting pulse is good. It means that your heart isn't working overtime to pump blood through your veins. You may want to just call your doctor and ask them. It probably is due to the weight loss, but it depends on what your blood pressure usually read before you went on your diet. Congrats on the weight loss! I've been doing low carb and have lost almost 20 lbs. I know it's hard, but keep up the good work!
You should go in and see what you can do to reduce your systolic (top) blood pressure. Last semester in my nursing class we learned that 120/80 is now considered pre-hypertensive. 153 is quite high so I would try and reduce that. Talk to your doc because they will know whats best for you.
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