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Hypnosis Question?


Does anyone know a good Hypnotist or recommend a name that I could check out online/website etc? If you have any info please say whatever you know.

Thanks so much :o)

Check out the General Hypnotherapy Register
I loved your question...it was much better than "Cats"...I'm going to read it again and again...
yes master the telephone directory master I'm so tired......
Do you mean hypnotist or hypnotherapist? There is a difference. If you want party tricks go for a hypnotist if you want help with a problem you need a hypnotherapist.

If you want a therapist then you really need some personal referrals, when I asked around my friends and family it was surprising how many had or knew someone who had seen a hypnotherapist.

I can personally recommend Virginia.Smith as a hypnotherapist, she is based at www.natural-health-centre.com. She is extremely skilled in many therapies, not just hypnosis and uses all to great effect, achieving results that have to be experienced to be believed.
I can't help as such just a warning. I saw a psychologist who used hypnosis to "help" with a problem. Felt ok at the time but brought on severe depression. I would say don't mess with your mind if there's another solution you can try. Good luck.
Again good and hypnotist do not belong in the same sentence. It has no value as a therapeutic intervention, there is no evidence that it works, it is a parlour trick, you'll waste your money.

Whatever ails you have a look at www.nice.org.uk and find out what interventions have been proved to work for what presentations, or, alternatively,. find a book called "what works for whom?" by Roth & Fonagy
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